Spurred by the growing push toward emission reduction compliance legislation, NORESCO developed our Compliance-as-a-Service program to alleviate the stress building owners may feel with ensuring their facilities meet emissions and carbon reduction goals. 

We evaluate and implement customized electrification and decarbonization improvements that guarantee emission savings. If the promised savings to meet local legislation are not achieved, building owners may be eligible for compensation from NORESCO for any penalties.

NORESCO makes compliance easy with turnkey project development, from building energy audits to equipment design, procurement, and installation as well as the ongoing measurement of carbon and emissions reductions. We help our customers by preparing reporting in compliance with their local requirements. 

For example, NORESCO is working with customers in New York City to meet the ambitious emissions legislation of Local Law 97 (LL97) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050. Buildings over 25,00 square feet that exceed LL97 emissions limits will face annual fines beginning in 2025 – equaling $268 per ton of CO2 emitted per year. We help building owners in New York City identify opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and operating costs while taking advantage of financial incentives. Our LL97 guarantee mirrors the LL97 fine structure, providing peace of mind for building owners who work with us. 

We stand behind our ability to decarbonize infrastructure around the country with custom solutions for compliance guarantees. Send us an inquiry to learn how NORESCO can guarantee savings under our Compliance-as-a-Service offering.