Water conservation and energy efficiency are inextricably linked, both on the supply-side and demand-side. Saving water, therefore, represents an important energy efficiency opportunity.

Water conservation retrofits

Buildings use water intensively, inside and out. Water conservation measures such as plumbing upgrades, storm water management and water-conserving landscapes can help reduce operating costs and meet energy and sustainability goals.

Water supply & distribution

Water utilities across the nation are coping with rising costs and declining tax revenues while attempting to deliver superior services to the public. Water distribution losses and the negative revenue impact of old, inaccurate water meters, commonly called “non-revenue” water, are a significant issue for utility providers. Investment in water meter replacement, leak detection and inflow/infiltration reduction programs can help utilities reduce losses, preserve capacity and cut operating costs. Newer technologies such as automated meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) can help further enhance system efficiency by eliminating the need for manual reading and providing better insight into customer usage pattern.

Wastewater treatment plants

Municipal water and wastewater treatment systems are among the most energy-intensive municipal facilities, accounting for about 35% of municipal energy use. Facility leaders are challenged with reducing energy and water consumption, while maintaining high quality operations and complying with standards, codes and regulations. NORESCO's strategies to increase efficiency for wastewater treatment plant customers can include:

  • Digester gas fueled cogeneration systems
  • Water conservation retrofits
  • Pump, blower and fan motor upgrades
  • Compressed air system upgrades
  • Facility energy retrofits such as lighting, HVAC
  • Renewable energy systems such as solar

Stop the drip

NORESCO can reduce wastewater treatment energy use and non-revenue water through an energy savings performance contract that addresses challenges on a stand-alone basis or in combination with other energy and water use efficiency and infrastructure improvements. Infrastructure and operational upgrades delivered by NORESCO require no capital outlay. Instead, they are self-funded through performance contracting. Project benefits can be guaranteed over a multi-year period to ensure success. A NORESCO performance contract can be the perfect vehicle to:

  • Reduce energy and water use
  • Address deferred maintenance to reduce operations and maintenance costs
  • Improve plant operation and system efficiency
  • Solve problems that result in compliance risk