Today’s competitive energy market brings new opportunities to take control of energy systems, ensure supply reliability and reduce operating costs. Combining the immediate benefits of energy efficiency upgrades to existing systems with an investment in new and reliable on-site energy infrastructure provides compelling financial, operational and environmental benefits.

  • Enhance energy security & mission readiness
  • Support increased capacity needs
  • Incorporate sustainable solutions
  • Minimize carbon footprint
  • Reduce operating cost

A leading provider of energy infrastructure services, NORESCO brings together the critical management, regulatory, technical and financial expertise that guarantees results.


NORESCO’s in-house engineering and technology experts work in partnership with customers to develop the most innovative and proven energy infrastructure solution that achieves environmental and regulatory compliance, enhances operating efficiency and reduces costs.

Our customized solutions focus on customers’ unique needs and are technology-driven. NORESCO is product, technology and fuel agnostic - our diverse portfolio ranges from reciprocating engines, combustion gas turbines, steam turbines, diesel generators and steam absorbers to automation technologies and renewable and alternative power technologies.

Financing & Asset Management

NORESCO designs, constructs and operates central energy plants under a variety of contracting structures, including energy savings performance contracts, traditional design/build, and build-own-operate-maintain (BOOM) contracts. The energy infrastructure project can be structured as a simple design/build or as part of a comprehensive energy savings performance contract. We also offer turnkey asset management and monetization solutions that range from outsourced operation and maintenance to full third-party ownership and operation. By moving the operating risk and burden of heating, cooling and power supply to NORESCO, our customers can enjoy worry-free plant operation services and focus entirely on their core mission.

We've helped our customers generate 475+megawatts of on-site power and currently manage the day-to-day operations for several of these plants.