From occupancy to upkeep, staffing, and financial management, the challenges associated with operating a campus, municipality, or private enterprise are greater than ever. NORESCO’s Efficiency360 Suite offering provides customized, turnkey programs to meet short- and long-term organizational goals. Our team is expert at looking for efficiencies across the enterprise and seamlessly dovetailing today’s operations with your financial planning. Specializing in scaling building operations to support growth and portfolio expansion, our comprehensive program also reduces risk with long-term strategies that deliver fiscal predictability and operational excellence.

Total Cost of Ownership

Efficiency360 Suite’s approach to operational excellence drives efficiency and ensures your infrastructure evolves sustainably over its life. Optimizing infrastructure and asset operations over the lifecycle reduces organizational risk, expands the useful life of the asset, minimizes environmental impact, and improves financial performance. We work closely with our customers to review, prioritize, and strategize efforts that help balance operational and performance goals with conflicting initiatives.

Future-Proof Strategies

Innovative processes and sustainable technology help develop optimal solutions to meet our customers’ organizational needs as well as capital plans to provide budget stability for the long-term. We anticipate and adapt to future challenges by establishing a vision that defines performance measures and indicators and incorporates risk and reliability planning that drives success and improves deficiencies. Efficiency360 Suite helps ensure system reliability and uptime while addressing resource limitations, outside vendor agreements, fiscal planning, and organizational initiatives.

Supply Chain Management 

Efficiency360 Suite integrates consolidated purchasing power, where we help customers generate annually recurring savings across a range of budgetary spending categories in most departments. These savings—which do not directly impact staff or contracted services—can be guaranteed and used to offset key priorities.

Efficiency360 Suite Offerings

Our complementary services are fully customizable based on customer needs and can include:

  • Organizational assessments and feasibility studies
  • Risk and reliability planning
  • Cost of ownership analysis
  • Long-term asset and capital planning oversight
  • Remote, onsite, and labor resources
  • Corrective, preventative, and predictive maintenance
  • Operational and environmental planning
  • Strategic sourcing

Contact Debra Rao, via email or phone at 585-695-1679, to explore the benefits Efficiency360 Suite can provide to your facilities.