Since 1984, NORESCO has partnered with many of the nation’s leading commercial real-estate developers and property management firms to provide comprehensive energy-efficiency and sustainability solutions for new and existing building portfolios. NORESCO’s energy and sustainability consulting services help provide our clients with added value that begins in the design phase, continues through construction and lasts long into building occupancy. On every project, our goal is to work collaboratively with our clients and their stakeholders to devise strategies and programs that not only reduce energy consumption but provide the greatest value.

On new buildings, services often include commissioning, LEED® certification consulting, energy modeling, and measurement and verification. Services on existing buildings often include retro-commissioning, energy audits, testing, adjusting and balancing, and installation of monitoring-based commissioning software.

Business and social trends prompt changes in the way we work, and they create new challenges for buildings, tenants, operators, and owners. NORESCO has developed numerous strategies and techniques to assess, analyze, and identify opportunities for energy improvements. For example, our projects have addressed:

  • Variable Occupancy: Variable occupancy within multiple spaces (tenant/base) may require enhanced equipment and controls solutions.
  • Densification: As the modern office continues to change and density in the work place increases, energy efficiency measures must adapt.
  • Internal Data Centers: The prevalence of internal data centers causes higher heat levels and electrical loads that must be managed properly for safety and efficiency.

Our goal is to help building owners and operators realize the value of energy efficiency retrofits. We can help you achieve substantial savings on operating costs, increase employee well-being, and reduce your environmental footprint.

Especially in today’s challenging economic climate, NORESCO recognizes the importance in securing funding for energy conservation and efficiency infrastructure improvements. Project scope and funding levels are inseparable. Building owners can often benefit from tax deductions, rebates, and incentive programs that are available nationally, regionally or locally. At NORESCO, we pride ourselves on our ability to find potential funding sources for our clients, from utility service providers, local, state, and federal grants and programs, and other channels. NORESCO provides guidance throughout the entire process to ensure our clients receive maximum value.

LEED® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council.