State & Local Governments

Lead by example

Across the nation, state and local governments are challenged with fostering economic development, reducing costs, saving taxpayer money and protecting the environment. Investment in infrastructure, efficiency and sustainability solutions is critical to meeting these challenges. However, economic uncertainty makes voters reluctant to approve bonds for capital improvement projects, leading to budget cuts and increased deferred maintenance backlogs.

Improve infrastructure. Save taxpayer dollars.

A Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract is a valuable tool for achieving infrastructure modernization, budget reduction, efficiency and sustainability goals without the need for upfront capital expenditure and voter approval. Many states have enabling legislation that allows state agencies to enter into such contracts with a qualified energy services company (ESCO). These contracts are designed so that all project costs, including financing, are paid for by the energy cost savings.

Since 1984, NORESCO has delivered infrastructure upgrades and operational efficiency at state and local government facilities across the nation. Our custom, turnkey solutions improve system efficiency and reliability while reducing operating cost and deferred maintenance burdens with no upfront capital. We work with customers to secure low-cost financing and grants that further enhance project scope and maximize savings.

Our holistic approach also extends to promoting green education and awareness across state and local governments. For example, NORESCO's Energy Conservation Through Behavior Change® program establishes a culture of energy conservation across the organization, customized to meet its environmental, workforce and cultural needs.

Without NORESCO’s expertise and guidance in contractual matters, Bedford would have been hard-pressed to navigate our way to the ultimate goal of offering the best scope of work for all our county facilities.

William C. Peterson
Clerk of the Works
Bedford County Public Schools