Monitoring Based Commissioning (MBCx)

MBCx empowers building operators with automated data analytics tools to ensure persistent and optimal efficiency. The technology and services offered by NORESCO can bolster your building operations teams' ability to consistently monitor building performance. 

MBCx is an evolution of the commissioning process, and one that provides actionable information for system optimization on a continuous basis. Widely accepted as an industry best practice, MBCx solutions maintain a constant eye on your equipment by providing facilities staff with powerful tools to ensure peak performance.

NORESCO's MBCx offering adds value by determining the right solution for each project based on an objective needs assessment. On every project, our goal is to work collaboratively with our clients and stakeholders to devise strategies and programs that not only reduce energy consumption but provide the greatest value for their building.

With NORESCO's straightforward process, MBCx system installation can have minimal impact to the facilities staff and ongoing business. To maximize your return on investment, NORESCO's approach focuses on developing a customized solution to ensure the desired results are sustainable and repeatable. A primary goal is to eliminate one-off activities because they can make performance inconsistent and unpredictable.

NORESCO has extensive experience developing and implementing MBCx solutions. We have worked with a variety of monitoring-based commissioning platforms that utilize automated fault detection and diagnostics. NORESCO's in-house engineering team developed a first-generation MBCx implemented at numerous facilities throughout the continental U.S.

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