According to the most recent data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration1, commercial buildings spend $141 billion on energy expenditures annually for critical functions such as space heating, ventilation, lighting, cooling, cooking, and refrigeration. NORESCO helps reduce industrial end-use consumption in food and beverage facilities, inpatient/outpatient healthcare spaces, assisted living homes, retail settings, manufacturing facilities, museums, R&D laboratories, and public assembly arenas.

For many businesses that require operation 24/7, energy supply and reliability is a concern. Our team integrates traditional technologies with modern electrification and renewable energy solutions where they make sense for our customers’ unique circumstances. Our team is expert at working with customers to complement existing capital plans and achieve sustainability goals. Wherever possible, we leverage utility incentives to maximize the return on investment. 

NORESCO makes energy efficiency easy with turnkey development and implementation, from facility energy audits to equipment design, procurement, installation, and ongoing measurement of performance. We ensure our projects enhance continuous service so businesses can maintain ongoing operations.

We have 40 years of experience working with businesses to modernize aging equipment and systems while improving energy efficiency, reducing deferred maintenance, optimizing operational efficiency, and saving money. Send an inquiry to discuss how NORESCO can make it easier to solve the biggest challenges your facility is facing. 

1 Data from the 2018 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey, published December 2022, available at