microgrid is a group of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources that acts as a single controllable entity with respect to the grid.
It can connect and disconnect from the grid to operate in grid-connected or island mode.



Heightened electric demand, decarbonization initiatives and electrification efforts, combined with increasingly extreme weather events, are straining the aging electrical infrastructure. In today’s unpredictable environment, investment in energy availability and resiliency of your utilities through the addition of on-site battery storage, renewable energy, local distributed generation, and microgrid energy management systems makes both economic and operational sense. At NORESCO, our goals are to help our customers craft their visions and achieve their energy resiliency, decarbonization, and operational goals.

For nearly four decades, NORESCO has been and remains a leading integrator of on-site energy generation and supply-side utility solutions. Our proven experience in project planning, development, implementation, and operations and maintenance of energy resources has grown and evolved to meet our customers’ needs. We continue to deliver world-class solutions, ranging from combined heat and power (CHP) systems, to alternative forms of distributed energy generation, to complex microgrid solutions. 

Our diverse customers include local municipalities, commercial industries, mission-critical facilities, and  federal facilities. There are usually multiple options for funding microgrid projects, and NORESCO’s project development teams have experience with various financing vehicles that can help our customers realize their goals.

Our rich history and track record demonstrate our ability to conceive and implement world-class projects from inception to startup. Grid-interactive on-site generation and microgrid solutions require collaboration, teamwork, and leadership through the project lifecycle. What distinguishes us from our competitors is our ability to engage with and listen to our customers. NORESCO is well-qualified and ready to collaborate with you as we support your microgrid journey.

Contact NORESCO’s microgrid experts today to help you explore the benefits of microgrids for your community, campus, institution or organization. For more information, please call us or send us an email: [email protected]