The electric industry faces several unique challenges driven by rising cost of power generation, fuel volatility, capital shortage and regulatory mandates for greenhouse gas emissions reduction and use of renewable energy.

NORESCO has nearly three decades of experience helping utilities meet customer demand, satisfy investor rate of return goals, and reach social and corporate responsibility goals with demand-side management (DSM) and other rebate programs. Our highly skilled, in-house team of professionals offers experience in the areas of program management, implementation & impact evaluation. Our studies help utilities measure the effectiveness their programs and uncover opportunities for improvement. We offer the perspective of an unbiased 3rd party to ensure that the program will provide maximum value to the utilities, ratepayers, and the community.

Program Analysis & Design

NORESCO’s program analysis and design services are finely tuned to ensure that utility programs provide maximum value to the utilities, ratepayers, and the community. We evaluate market availability / feasibility of specific technologies and use advance modeling to simulate the performance of various energy efficiency and demand response strategies across technologies, building types and climate zones. Based on the potential savings generated, we then refine selected measures so that they can be successfully integrated into the utility program.

If the program is piloted, NORESCO field engineers use monitoring equipment and occupant surveys to test the implemented measures. Our analysts use the collected data to evaluate the performance of pilot programs and provide recommendations for large-scale roll-outs / implementation.

Evaluation, Measurement & Verification (EM&V) or Impact Evaluation

For more than a decade, our EM&V services have helped utilities document the effectiveness of their energy efficiency programs and uncover opportunities for improvement. We provide the independent, 3rd-party review that is often required by state Public Utility Commissions (PUCs) to assure ratepayers and stakeholders that their investments are being wisely used.

Our project managers have extensive experience managing field data collection for large programs requiring visiting multiple sites across several states. We use our in-house team of highly trained engineers to install monitoring equipment, collect field data and manage local contractors as appropriate. As data is collected, NORESCO's analysts use advanced tools and modeling to calculate each program's realized energy savings. We document and report all findings to meet PUC or other specified requirements.

Market Outreach & Education

Our comprehensive approach also extends to creating lasting change in market behavior through outreach and education. We develop strategies that effectively communicate to target markets and engage individuals on the benefits of sustainability and energy efficient practices. We also offer workshops, training, newsletters, technical briefs, case studies and software tools to enhance the impact of utility energy efficiency and demand response programs.