Sustainable Management Services

Maximize your organization’s triple bottom line

With experience as a leading energy and sustainability consulting firm since 1984, NORESCO offers Sustainable Management Services to organizations seeking a definitive path to sustainability.

While many organizations have taken the first step by developing Environmental Policies, they may not have the best management system in place to support the policy’s implementation, tracking and reporting, and continuous improvement year after year. Our Sustainable Management Services offer management tools for developing and implementing environmental policies. These tools are most commonly known as Sustainable Management Systems (SMS) and Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

Sustainable Management Systems (SMS) and Environmental Management Systems (EMS) both offer a systems-oriented approach to achieving environmental objectives. We start by defining the scope to be addressed by the SMS or EMS and then assist clients in identifying the aspects of their organizations that have the largest environmental impact. We then facilitate the development or fine-tuning of an Environmental Policy and finally the creation of an Environmental or Sustainable Management System. Each organization’s Environmental or Sustainable Management System is unique to their structure, resource use, operations, and vision — providing their own definitive path to sustainability.

What is the difference between a Sustainable Management System (SMS) and an Environmental Management System (EMS)?

EMS are used to systematically improve the performance of an organization’s environmental impact.  The process for identifying these impacts and actions that cause them often reveals opportunities for the organization.

SMS are similar to EMS in the way they are developed and implemented, but address social and economic impacts in addition to environmental impacts.  Addressing all three aspects, also known as the “triple bottom line,” offers opportunities and risk mitigation on a broader and more comprehensive scale.

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