City of Fullerton to Unlock Energy Savings and Fund Smart City Solutions with NORESCO Energy Efficiency Project

City of Fullerton, Ca. -

Self-funding project to reduce city’s carbon footprint, enable critical infrastructure upgrades and create local jobs

The City of Fullerton has contracted with NORESCO, a national leader in energy efficiency, resiliency and infrastructure solutions, to implement an $8.4 million energy efficiency project guaranteed to save $12.1 million during the contract period. Funded entirely from generated savings, the project demonstrates that energy savings can help local governments tackle deferred maintenance while also expanding smart city technologies and distributed energy resources. 

“The goal of the city’s energy savings program is to upgrade critical infrastructure and deliver economic and environmental benefits, for our residents and our staff. Through this program, we will leverage guaranteed energy savings to pay for additional renewable energy, replace old and inefficient HVAC systems and place additional electric vehicle charging stations. This will allow us to stretch our general fund dollars, while improving community safety, and progressing towards our sustainability and climate goals,” said City of Fullerton Mayor Fred Jung. 

A ground-mounted photovoltaic system at the main water plant will provide renewable energy, and carport-mounted photovoltaic systems at city hall and the police department will provide shaded parking in addition to renewable energy. Fifteen dual port integrated electric vehicle chargers throughout the city will provide public access to clean transportation fuel and generate revenue for the city. The project will also enable the city to replace critical air-conditioning equipment that is at the end of its useful life and make other energy efficiency updates to building systems.

The upgrade of approximately 7,700 lighting fixtures with new LEDs will reduce energy consumption and extend the lifespan to at least 20 years. Additionally, NORESCO will assist the city in work with Southern California Edison to convert nearly 600 pole lights to LED technology. Smart city technology in parks will include improved lighting controls and motion activation, capable of providing greater public safety benefits. 

The project also provides decarbonization benefits and is expected to reduce the city’s annual emissions of carbon dioxide by 2,793,572 pounds. The total expected reduction in greenhouse gases equates to planting 1,306 acres of trees, providing air quality improvements to the community. 

The project includes a rigorous commissioning and measurement-based verification plan to ensure energy usage savings and operational success. Construction will utilize local subcontractors, expected to be more than 95% union-represented, and projected to create at least 50 local jobs. 

It will also help prepare the city for conversion of series streetlight circuits to LED technology. Completion of the design package, cost calculations and budgets to convert a particularly problematic circuit will provide data the city needs to secure financing and then move forward with conversion. 

“The City of Fullerton continues its progress toward healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent buildings and infrastructure, modernizing the city while conserving capital, reallocating its energy spend and decreasing its carbon footprint,” said Jim Williams, Vice President, NORESCO. “We are honored to serve and help make a positive impact on local budgets and the local community.” 


NORESCO helps customers create modern, sustainable and healthy buildings, campuses and communities, while saving energy and water, and optimizing operational and capital budgets. NORESCO is also a leader in the effort to address the modern energy infrastructure challenges facing the nation and our world, including decarbonization, electrification, grid flexibility, sustainability and resiliency. Through its projects, NORESCO has guaranteed more than $5 billion in energy and operating cost savings at more than 10,000 facilities throughout the U.S. and abroad, while reducing customer CO2 emissions by more than 25 million metric tons, equivalent to planting 1.4 million acres of forest.

About City of Fullerton

The City of Fullerton is located in northwestern Orange County, approximately 25 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. The city is ideally located for transportation, bounded by 3 major highways, and located 15 miles northwest of John Wayne Airport. Fullerton has over 280 days of sunshine and a diverse blend of amenities with abundant cultural, educational and entertainment resources. Boasting a population of 140,000 citizens, Fullerton is a community with a strong sense of tradition and takes pride in providing an atmosphere that allows both for preservation of its historic past and opportunities to meet the challenges of the future. For more information, visit