Correctional facilities face immense budgetary pressures and unrelenting challenges, including a growing inmate population, aging buildings and deferred maintenance needs. Recent energy mandates and 'greening' requirements place additional burdens on these high energy intensity, 24x7 operations. In support of providing secure and safe environments, corrections professionals are discovering that performance-based contracting vehicles can be leveraged for infrastructure improvements and results delivered immediately.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

With experience in the energy services field since 1984, NORESCO is a leader in the highly-specialized performance-based contracting market for local, state and federal correctional facilities.

We have developed and implemented innovative and cost-effective projects at sites ranging from minimum security to Supermax. Our projects incorporate supply and demand-side strategies including alternate energy sources to deliver significant energy and water conservation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that ultimately benefit the taxpayer and the environment.

Experienced Leader

NORESCO understands that a corrections facility is a unique workplace. We effectively schedule construction within various security levels and strictly adhere to proper protocols and procedures. Background checks for employees and sub-contractors are a requirement and we take strict measures to safeguard facility information.

With an unparalleled safety record and our understanding of corrections-grade technology products and applications, we can help you reduce costs and meet mandates so that you can focus on public safety.