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Energy Conservation Through Behavior Change®

Do Your Part

Everyone has a role in the continuing story of energy conservation at UMass Dartmouth. The university is asking for you to do your part by pledging to conserve. University students know that for energy conservation to work, everyone needs to do their part. Adopt these four energy saving behaviors and pledge to conserve today. Contact your RA if you want to learn more!

Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose,
Recycle, & Refuse.
Use "Brights" and "Quick Cycle"
to do your laundry.
Reduce your time spent
in the shower.
Turn off and unplug your
unused devices.
Slash the Trash Be Bold, Go Cold Strive For Five Reduce the Juice

Program Results

Fall 2013 - Multiple indicators suggest that the partnership between NORESCO’s Energy Conservation Through Behavior Change® and UMass Dartmouth is a continuing success. Click here to see the full report!

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Cogeneration System

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Performance Contracting

Energy Savings Performance Contracting allows UMass Dartmouth to purchase energy efficiencies with little or no up-front capital, which reduces costs and increases building performance with little risk, all with desirable social, financial, community, and environmental benefits. Performance Contracting is a practical and extremely effective way to finance and install proven energy-efficient technologies and upgrade energy infrastructure.

Performance Contract Graph


Q. How do I learn more and get involved?

A. Check out the Do Your Part section to learn more about the behaviors to adopt to reduce your energy consumption. To get involved with green initiatives on campus, contact Samantha Bowkley.

Q. What has the University done to reduce its energy consumption?

A. Energy Conservation Measures have been installed in several buildings on campus to reduce energy use and overall costs, including a cogeneration system!

Q. Massachusetts is currently facing a statewide budget reduction for the next few years; how can UMass Dartmouth afford an eco-refit?

A. For almost two decades, NORESCO has helped thousands of clients in more than 20,000 buildings implement smart solutions that reduce overall costs. For example, the cost of installing energy-saving lightbulbs can be quite small, and the energy savings from that project can help pay for the bulbs and provide extra savings.

Q. Isn’t it true that even the best eco-friendly and energy-saving systems are only as good as the individuals running them?

A. NORESCO believes people play an important role in energy efficiency, and prides itself on Energy Conservation Through Behavior Change®. Take a look here to see how that works.