Energy Savings Peformance Contracting SolutionsNORESCO's proven success providing the total-source solution is unmatched in the industry. With NORESCO, performance contracting is simple. Our approach is innovative, systematic and proven. Performance contracting is a practical and extremely effective way to finance and install proven energy-efficient technologies and upgrade energy infrastructure. With performance contracting, the improvements are self-funding, paid for over time from the energy savings delivered by NORESCO's solutions. For almost two decades, NORESCO has provided outsourced integrated energy solutions by leveraging our clients' existing operating and energy budgets to pay for their investments in energy efficiency and infrastructure.

Engineering and Analysis NORESCO's engineers are among the most experienced in the nation. They use best industry practices to maximize energy, process and operational efficiency, and demonstrated cost savings. Our professionals have engineered thousands of performance-based energy savings projects including the full spectrum of energy technologies from advanced lighting solutions to HVAC to innovative renewable energy generation and cogeneration systems. NORESCO's customized energy solutions provide sustainable bottom-line results. Read more.

Energy Commodity Audits
The quality of our site surveys and feasibility studies requires an accurate understanding of the historical energy usage for your facilities. NORESCO analyzes this historical energy data using various industry-accepted methods, and then segregates it into various categories including weather-related energy, occupant-dependent energy, and building operating hour-dependent energy, among others. NORESCO benchmarks your facility's energy performance against comparable facilities by calculating an energy index and comparing it to thousands of similar facilities in our proprietary database.

Energy Systems and Facility Audits
Energy systems and facility audits are conducted by NORESCO's team of professional mechanical, electrical, HVAC and building control system engineers who have extensive experience in the energy field, know which efficiency improvements work, and do not waste time pursuing uneconomic improvements. NORESCO site surveys are comprehensive. We thoroughly examine each type of energy consumed at the facility and perform a comprehensive end-use analysis for interior and exterior lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration, power, motors, drives, humidification and ventilation, among others. Combining the information on energy usage with a site assessment of existing equipment and building performance and conditions forms the basis of our energy savings assessment.

Design Engineering
Capital investments in energy efficiency and infrastructure upgrades rely heavily on the strength and quality of the engineered solution. NORESCO works in partnership with our clients to develop the most innovative and proven energy efficiency solutions and infrastructure development opportunities that guarantee results. NORESCO's expertise in designing, installing and monitoring energy and operating savings for all types of facilities enables us to deliver customized, engineered solutions that exceed customer expectations, save money, increase reliability and improve comfort levels. To ensure project success, our engineers complete the project design, create the bid specifications, assist with project management, and consult on operational performance. This closed-loop management process allows NORESCO experts to monitor performance throughout the project life cycle, and is the best method to link all aspects of the project from design through measurement, thus ensuring maximum results.

Value Engineering
When evaluating energy savings and infrastructure improvements, our design engineers focus on meeting our clients' business, financial and operational needs. Starting from a base of industry accepted engineering principles, our professional engineers ensure optimized energy efficiency and operational performance by integrating alternative technology and execution solutions learned from years of experience working with a diverse mix of customer facility types and end-users.

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Project Management Equipment Specification and Acquisition
NORESCO is an independent energy services company. We do not manufacture energy controls or systems, nor do we maintain any exclusive product agreements. We are brand independent; which means we choose the best technology, equipment and applications for our clients rather than force-fitting specific solutions, in order to optimize project requirements and performance. Read more.

Construction Management
NORESCO's projects are designed and managed by registered professional engineers, expert in their field, using state-of-the-art analysis tools. These same engineers remain involved during the construction phase to ensure that improvements are built to specifications, and that they provide the required savings and reliability. Twenty years of direct experience project managing complex and diverse energy efficiency and infrastructure projects has built expertise throughout NORESCO of the best ways to carry out construction services in harmony with our clients' daily operations.

Quality Assurance and Safety
NORESCO takes pride in its world-class safety program. At NORESCO, the personal safety and health of our employees is of supreme importance and will not be compromised. We understand that an unequaled emphasis on safety is not just the right thing to do, but is also essential to our success as a company.

Our safety mission is clear: maintain a corporate and project-based safety and health program, provide all mechanical and physical safeguards and personal protective equipment, conduct safety and health inspections regularly, train all employees in good safety and health practices, and develop and enforce safety and health rules to all employees.

To accomplish our safety mission, we employ a full-time safety officer with sole responsibility to ensure that we implement and maintain construction and operational safety. Our subcontractors and vendors are also held to the same stringent safety standards, and are closely monitored to ensure adherence to all NORESCO policies and state and local codes.

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Operations and Maintenance Preventive maintenance is critical not only to the longevity and reliability of the installed capital investment, but also to the persistence and sustainability of the energy and operating savings. NORESCO offers comprehensive preventive maintenance programs designed to ensure maximum performance, and minimize forced outages. Read more.

Commissioning of energy efficiency investments in existing buildings takes quality performance and operational excellence to a higher level. NORESCO's commissioning solutions go well beyond the obvious quick-fix options. We systematically optimize your buildings and systems to ensure the most efficient and effective energy and operational performance. Our approach to integrating energy efficiency strategies into existing facility operations is unique. Not only do we identify problems that typically occur during the construction phase, but we also solve those legacy energy performance problems that may have developed over the years. Twenty years of providing innovative and proven client-centric energy and operational efficiency strategies provides NORESCO with the expertise to create high performance buildings and facilities.

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Guaranteed Savings Key to NORESCO's energy savings guarantee is our understanding and commitment to ensuring energy savings sustainability. We provide our clients with comprehensive measurement and verification services. Read more.

Measurement and Verification
Our teams of highly skilled performance engineers analyze investment performance data on a daily, monthly and annual basis to ensure they are performing as specified. Our engineers review shortfalls and deviations from the predicted performance, and make appropriate remedies to guarantee sustainable energy savings. NORESCO is committed to operational excellence. We guarantee our performance and client satisfaction.

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Financial Solutions NORESCO has arranged financing for thousands of energy savings performance contracting projects. Our vast experience arranging various forms of financing tailored to the specific needs of the project include tax-exempt bonds, non-recourse private placement project debt, and a combination of customer financing and NORESCO equity investment. With more than 20 years of energy services industry experience, NORESCO possesses the financial strength to provide financial assurances to back its contractual commitments.