Energy Conservation Through Behavior ChangeNORESCO believes that energy savings performance contracting presents a valuable opportunity to make technological upgrades and establish sustained energy conserving behaviors. Our proven program, known as Energy Conservation Through Behavior Change® (ECTBC), is a custom tailored and holistic approach designed to help reduce energy consumption within your organization.

This is achieved by utilizing social and behavioral mechanisms that respond to each client's environmental, workforce, and cultural needs. Through the implementation of ECTBC, energy users are given the opportunity to advance an organization's energy-conserving potential and personally experience the satisfaction of contributing to a progressive energy conservation initiative.

Sustainable Behavior Change ProgramOur proprietary sustainable behavior change program utilizes a cognitive-social-based process that promotes cultural change. Our process measures multiple motivational factors, behaviors, and perceptions of energy use among members of the focal community. Assessing these factors allows NORESCO to custom-tailor a behavioral change program for each client, making full use of existing mechanisms.

Energy Conservation Through Behavior Change® is a dynamic program, and therefore is modified before each subsequent implementation using pre-post intervention assessment findings. In this way, specific components of the process can be modified, added or deleted based on current situational needs. This allows us to continually improve the effectiveness of the program and to accommodate changes in technology, energy costs, and behavior. Click here to see graphs demonstrating the effectivness of two ECTBC programs. These graphs depict behavior change pre- and post-program and water reductions at the meters.

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